Bob Watson's terrapins:

L to R: trio of hatchlings; hatchlings a year later - all females, male named Tortellini, and latest additions: trio of Ornate hatchlings.

Candace Metcalf's terrapin:

Tex, an Ornate/Texas hatchling.

Carole's terrapins:

Hatchling Northerns from eggs rescued from a roadkill.

C. Stephen Chew's terrapins:

L to R: Saph (male Ornate), Cedony (male Ornate), Citron (male blonde-pink Ornate), Striker & Rose (pair of pink Ornates), Emerald (female Texan), Zircon (male "Concentric" Carolinan), Diamond (female "Concentric" Carolinan), juvenile "Concentric" Carolinan, hatchling Marbled Terrapin, Quartz (male Marbled Terrapin), Crystal (female Marbled Terrapin) and Turq (male Marbled Terrapin).

Dave Strasser's terrapins:

L to R: hatchling "Concentric" Carolinan, a 5yr. old male, Freddy (male "Concentric" Carolinan) and female East Coast Terrapin.

Don "Turtle Cop" Goddard's terrapins:

Beautiful male and female Northerns.

Gary (Turtle Source) Balok's terrapins:

L to R: hatchling "Concentric" Carolinan, hatchling Texas, female Northern and "Concentric" Carolinan male.

J.C.'s terrapins:

L to R: Female "Chesapeake" Northern, Cookie and female Northern.

James Lee's terrapins:

L to R: Juvenile Ornate, male Ornate, yellow-shelled male Ornate, pink male Ornate, pink female Ornate, purple female Ornate, purplish male Ornate and hatchling Ornate piping out of shell.

Jimmy Johnson's terrapins:

L to R: Buggs (Northern hatchling), Buggs and Carat, Carat (Northern) and Facet (Northern).

Jonathan Helm's terrapins:

L to R: Female northerns Chesapeake and Lori, Pinky (female Texan), offspring Northern, and Ornate hatchlings.

Julie Tougas' terrapins:

L to R: Crystal (juvenile Northern), Galaxy (female Northern), juvenile Northern trio and Nancy, a "Chesapeake" Northern hatchling.

Julio Thompson's terrapin:

Kathryn, a "Chesapeake" Northern.

Laura Yip's terrapin:

L to R: Turdie ("Chesapeake" Northern) as a hatchling and a mature female at 3 yrs.

Lisa Lee's terrapins:

L to R: Rosy (pink female Ornate), Chloe (blue female Ornate), Sly (male Ornate), and Juliet (lavender female Ornate).

Mike Rapley's terrapins:

L to R: a pair of Northerns and a cute blue Carolinan.

Rick Van Dyke's terrapins:

Recently eloped male Ornate, female Northern, male "Concentric" Carolinan, female Northern, male "Concentric" Carolinan, female Carolinan, female Northern, juvenile female Northern, pair of "Concentric" Carolinans and Rick's babies.

Robin Day's terrapins:

Juvenile Chesapeake Northerns Clementine and Earl.

Rowena Tan's terrapin:

Li-Wah, a female Northern rescued from a food market.

Scott Howard's terrapins:

L to R: young female Ornates, small pink female ornate, male Ornates, juvenile Ornates and a collage of hatchling Ornates.

Snapping Don's terrapins:

L to R: male concentric and pair of excellently marked male concentrics.

Todd Stockwell's terrapins:

Big Pink, a female Ornate and Big Mama, a female Northern.

Vickie Hays' terrapins:

L to R: Freckles (male Ornate), female Ornate, Bugsy (before), Bugsy (after - no longer has severely bumpy shell due tooooo Vickie's immaculate care), Freckles and Rosie (male Ornates), Freckles and offspring, Frostie and Scooter, younger siblings at 7 days old, Rosebud, Blue, Barnacle Butt's hatchlings emerging from shell, young female and stubborn male that refuses pellets.

Vincent Walker's terrapins:

L to R: Big Tex (juvenile Texas), Dixie (female "Chesapeake" Northern), Dot (female Northern), Tiger (male "Chesapeake" Northern), Dixie and Tiger, Dot, Northern hatchling foursome and hatchlings: Spec, Tiny, Button and Whitey.