Diamondback Terrapin Links:

Diamondback terrapin    Savannah River Ecology Laboratory site on diamondbacks in South Carolina.  Contains some nice pics.
Diamondback Terrapin World Website by eGroup member Jonathan Helms with pictures of his adult and juvenile terrapins.
Bruno's Snake and Turtle Page German website by Bruno Bächtiger of Switzerland cataloguing several different subspecies of diamondback terrapins.
James' Turtle Site Personal homepage of James Lee and his group of Ornate Diamondback Terrapins.
Gems of the Chesapeake   Excellent article on diamondbacks by Marguerite Whilden of the Terrapin Institute.
Maryland State Reptile - Diamondback TerrapinNice pics of diamondbacks local to the Chesapeake Bay area.
Terrapin Station   Very informative site on Maryland's terrapins with emphasis on conservation.
A Too Brief and Woefully Incomplete Terrapin Primer    Article by Don Lewis from the Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter. 
Willem M. Roosenburg    Researcher and photographer - has written numerous journal articles on diamondbacks.


Diamondback terrapin, Malaclemys terrapin    Informative CTTC article by Mimi Loutrel and Marvin Cornett.

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Yahoo group dedicated to captive propagation of diamondback terrapins.


Terrapin Institute and Research Consortium Private organization dedicated to the conservation of Maryland's diamondback terrapins.
Diamondback Terrapin Working Group    Group formed in 2004 consisting of individuals in the academic, scientific, regulatory and private institutions dedicated to terrapin conservation.
Diamondback Terrapins Project Photography    Photos of diamondback terrapin research on Kiawah Island.
Delaware's first Diamondback Terrapin headstart program Website of Cape Henlopen School District's headstart program.
Efforts to conserve the Local Diamondback Population    Article by Roz Herlands, colleague of Roger Wood.
Headstarting Diamondbacks    Conservation efforts at Richard Stockton College, New Jersey.
The Northern Diamondback Terrapin: Conserving a Bellwether Species on the Outer Cape    Excellent article describing conservation efforts in Massachusetts. 
Photo Diary of a Terrapin Researcher Excellent diary that chronicles the efforts of Don Lewis and his team of Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary volunteers with many pictures and details of the jeweled ones themselves.
Terrapin Conservation Efforts    Tortoise Reserve article highlighting conservation issues.
Turtles and Tires: The Impact of Roadkills on Northern Diamondback TerrapinAnother article by Diamond Duo Roz Herlands and Roger Wood.  *Caution: some of the pictures are quite graphic *

General Chelonian Links:

Excellent archive on most of the turtle and tortoise species kept in captivity.

World Chelonian Trust is on the cutting edge of chelonian conservation. Their site not only focuses on this but also on the successful maintenance and propagation of captive chelonia as well.*NEW*

Good chelonian forum and classifieds ads.

Another source for captive bred diamondbacks.

Keep up to date with the chelonian community on the world wide web.

One of the most popular turtle sites on the web. These folks have pics of almost every kind of turtle in their collection!

Types of Turtles   Turtle Gallery.

Miscellaneous Links:

World renowned wildlife artist Gamini Ratnavira is also a brilliant naturalist with a genuine concern for species conservation.

Eastern Nishikigoi Specialists in imported Japanese Koi, Goldfish, Pond Supplies, Water Plants and Tropical Fish. The site is packed with FREE information and complete product descriptions and pictures. Also FREE wallpaper for your computer plus a new Koi Forum!

The ultimate site for herp related links!

Excellent source for captive bred chameleons and rare wild caught gems.

Henk's Photo Web and HerpWeb - for Gecko lovers.

Center for Reptile and Amphibian Propagation    Site offers lizards, snakes, tortoises and insects for sale.

Ron Tremper's leopardgecko.com    Very good leopard gecko site.